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Discover what potential clients are actually searching for.

The Keyword Planning Process

Keyword analysis is about two things, finding the right keywords and pairing them successfully with your business.

"Discover Keyword Trends"

Find out what keywords are most popular backed with statistical data to assist you in choosing the correct words to target.

"Create compelling content"

Google's alogrithm, code name Panda, is constantly evolving. It's rewarding quality content with higher rankings and penalizing poor content.

"Integrate into the page"

There are strategic points to insert your most popular keywords. We structure the page to be informative, keeping with Panda guidelines.

Keyword Analysis

There are any number of ways you can describe your business. You can list the words that describe your products, your services, and your policy. Everything you do for your website is picked up by various search engines that help bring people to your website. Individuals looking for your service or product start by performing keyword queries that match their intent. Keyword research is about bridging that gap of intent with providing the user the most relevant content.

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